A highly devolved CMS development framework written in PHP

hi there.

this is the holding site of the moldable CMS framework.

moldable is a highly devolved framework that allows you, the developer, to make the choices around what database you want to us (or even if you want to use one at all), how your URLs should work, and what you should include at all.

it is currently being developed and tested as an alpha-level product, and our intention is to seek development funding through crowd-sourcing towards the end of 2015.

so what does it do?

Complete freedom of choice

You choose if your content is stored in a database, XML or flat HTML files. You get complete freedom to pick the best option for your skills, knowledge and project requirements.

As big - or as little - as you want

You choose what functionality, modules and libraries to include, and remove the rest.

A typical install is just 17kb big.

Extremely fast

The URL processing engine finds and renders pages in milliseconds thanks to the removal of framework overhead. You end up with high stability and efficiency, even on underpowered hardware.